Tietoa, tukea ja apua lapsen ergonomiseen, terveelliseen ja turvalliseen kantamiseen sekä liinoja ja reppuja kokeiltavaksi ja pitempiaikaiseen lainaan.

Briefly in English

"Vauvarakas" - Central Espoo Sling Library is a non-profit project of one staying-at-home-mama and a devoted babywearer. My aim is to provide a wide range of good quality ergonomical baby carriers, such as wraps, ring slings, mei tais and soft structured carriers for borrowing. The carriers come mainly as donations from local and international carrier stockists, all the donators are mentioned on the list ("yhteistyökumppanit ja lahjoittajat") at the main page.

The carriers are lent free of charge at the moment, I'll ask you to fill in a contract paper and give me a cash deposit for the most valuable items.

Instructions, help and tutoring with use are provided so everyone can feel secure and comfortable while babywearing! The Sling Library is currently operated from home, you can see my contact details on page "yhteystiedot". Please contact me for an individual or group demonstration or a home visit, they're also available in English.